“Few envelop the singer-songwriter persona like Brody Price,” says the San Antonio Current after a sweltering south Texas full band set during his summer tour. After the release of his debut full-length album, “What’s the Point in Trying,” Brody has quickly begun to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with, delivering stripped down country songs in which the lyrics take center stage. No frills, no flashy production, just the song. After moving to North Texas from Austin in 2015, Brody took with him a catalogue of songs influenced by heroes such as Todd Snider, Guy Clark and Leonard Cohen and a serious DIY approach to making country music.


This independent style dominates Price’s home-spun “What’s the Point in Trying,” inhabiting the strange space between indie and country, earning the respect of audiences and his heroes alike.


“His lyrics are straightforward and yet quirky and distinct,” says country songwriter and guitar slinger Robert Ellis. “While you can feel the influence of great American folk and country there’s something very right now and unique happening as well.”


Songwriter and front man of indie-folk duo Penny and Sparrow claims that, “Brody is more than a clever turn of phrase (though he has plenty)...He’s substance & newness wrapped up in the beauty of the old country sound.” 


These claims articulate something very near to Price’s heart; an awareness that he is taking part in something larger than himself, carrying a torch that so many greats have held before him. While you may not find Price in a cowboy hat or vintage western-wear, he understands the merit of a great song. “There’s a heaviness to it,” says Price. “Every time I take the stage it’s hard to not think about those who have come before me. To stand on the same stages where Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt once stood is an unbelievably humbling thing.”


Price is a songwriter and no matter the venue, his focus is on the craft and delivery of the song. “The influence of heroes like Townes and John Prine shines through his craft,” says Austin songwriter Jaimee Harris. “He’s a supremely badass songwriter.” Though we may disagree on where to place the lo-fi country tunes of Price in terms of genre, we can agree that the tradition of songwriter’s past is in good hands when it comes to musicians like Brody Price.